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prove me wrong

asian babies are the cutest. especially when absurdly costumed.

exhibit a


exhibit b

my stolen costume idea for next year:

CS, AR: you may borrow this idea too.

and this will change your life: pasta in minutes.



with recruiting starting up again, this might be a good time to highlight how much looks matter. now, i’m not talking about your hose-or-no-hose dilemma, my unanswered RFP to replace the shoe buffer with a steamer / iron in the locker room, my unanswered whining about the inefficient, inane shape of our lockers, the nebulous definition of business casual… all that discussion is for another day. today, i’m talking font selection. you might think i’m trifling, sometimes i rightfully am, but as the picture below and cracked.com demonstrate, “in this modern day and age, a person’s choice of font is as important as [his/her] dress-sense, taste in music, or level of pedantry.”

Fonting Guidelines

  • Never mix serif and sans serif in a single document unless you know what you’re doing. Serifs are the little added bits of ‘decoration’ to a character – so Arial has practically no serifs, while Excalibur consists of little else. Mixing these two fundamental distinctions in a document is akin to dressing as RoboCop at a Renaissance fair. It looks dumb and makes no fucking sense.
  • The vast majority of fonts should not be used, ever. It’s not that they are all terrible, it’s just that unless you’re making a Cracked Topic page, there is very little call for them.
  • Don’t use too many fonts on one page.
  • Don’t ever use Comic Sans Serif. It was a font introduced by Microsoft in 1995 who imagined (as only Microsoft can) that having a comic-y font like that will make those Powerpoint presentations slightly less narcoleptic-y.

:: via cracked ::

and now laughs aside, here are some serious rules for serious presentation.

Serif for Stories

Serif fonts, like Times, Palatino and Garamond are very effective when utilized in … sequences of words usually longer than one line. The reason for this is that serif fonts closely resemble the cursive characters we learned in primary school which are one connected to the other through small ligaments. Such little legs and arms extending each letter to hook into the next help tremendously the eye in making words when we are learning or when as adults the conditions for legibility deteriorate.

Serif fonts have come to acquire over time an old-fashioned, classical, conservative, and formal look. These fonts are best used for your main content inside a slide, typical bulleted text, and inside tables where each cell contains a small paragraph of text.

Sans Serif For Info

Info is everything else that is not “stories”: titles, subtitles, callouts, captions, figure numbers, legends, etc. All of these short, burst-like information packets that we use everywhere inside presentations can be best made accessible and readable through the use of Sans Serif fonts like Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica.

Sans Serif fonts do not have curly ligaments at the end of their legs and these characters look rather stick-like. The look of Sans-Serif fonts is modern and informal. They are best used …[for info]. Sans serif fonts work also very well for numbers inside tables and spreadsheets as well as inside charts and stats.

As a pair, Arial and Verdana guarantee also the highest degree of compatibility with other operating systems and computer platforms, therefore offering  the safest and most reliable choice in terms of readability, accessibility, and compatibility among all Sans Serif fonts.

:: via ::

finally, clean spelling and grammar are as important as clean teeth. i don’t know all the rules, i break lots and often, but the 1000 grammatical errors in the two quotes above (including four missing oxford commas) nearly killed me. death by grammar. it’s real, folks. and there must be more errors that i missed, so please don’t read too closely. this font isn’t suitable for this much text anyway.

is it me, or does stalin bear a striking resemblance to the little prince?

power on

San Diego Skyline Blackout ComparisonHigh Res

so cool! click the image for the high res version

September 8th, 2011 – A power outage occured across all of San Diego county, including much of downtown San Diego. Backup generators are responsible for the power used to illuminate all of the lights in the image taken during the blackout (bottom). The top image was taken from the same location on Harbor Island several months ago.

in other news, i have to put together my first day of school outfit soon, and it has to be perfect so that i can make new friends based on appearance alone. for guidance on what the kids like these days, the interwebz brought me this gem. like mr t’s cash4gold video, i’d like to select my favorite quotes from the video below and save you some time, but i can’t. i’d end up transcribing the entire thing and i’m too busy drawing tattoos onto myself with a sharpie.

joey ramone is rolling in his grave. and also drawing tattoos on himself because punk is for everyone, not just little girls.


rebel yell

UCLA student Chris Jeon bought a one-way ticket to Cairo two weeks ago, telling his parents he was going on a tame little vaycay. Then — like a man on a motherfucking mission — Jeon made his way to the heart of foreign unrest: He’s currently in a town called An Nawfaliyah, on the road to Tripoli.

Apparently the UC Regents budget-cut walkouts weren’t cutting it for Jeon, on the rebellion meter: “It is the end of my summer vacation, so I thought it would be cool to join the rebels,” he told an Australian reporter from The National, clearly floored to find an Asian-American dude in an L.A. basketball jersey out in the middle of the desert…

“How do you fire this thing?” he asked on Wednesday as a bearded rebel handed him an AK-47. Locating the trigger of the assault rifle and switching off the safety, Mr Jeon fired it in the air in two short bursts.

“I want to fight in Sirte!” he proclaimed, using hand gestures and pointing west towards Sirte.

Whether the rebels understood him was far from clear. “It’s hard to communicate. I don’t really speak any Arabic,” he said.

Oh, and here’s the reason Jeon didn’t buy a return ticket (though he does still plan to graduate in May, being the shruggishly optimistic dude he is): “If I get captured or something, I don’t want to waste another $800.”

:: via ::

forget all serious commentary on the implied price-to-book of an $800 one-way ticket to death, on the restless generation, on why gen y can’t stop won’t stop fabricating causes and cares, on the pure crazytown that is this kid. instead let’s focus on what he is wearing (fashion over function till i die):

yeah what.

just Look at this Fucking Hoopster. i suppose it ventilates well, but boy does he stick out like bright blue hoopster on an otherwise khaki horizon.


so what if

women aren’t funny

Is there anything less funny than hearing a woman relate a dream she’s just had? (“And then Quentin was there somehow. And so were you, in a strange sort of way. And it was all so peaceful.” Peaceful?) …

… Childbearing and rearing are the double root of all this, as Kipling guessed. As every father knows, the placenta is made up of brain cells, which migrate southward during pregnancy and take the sense of humor along with them. And when the bundle is finally delivered, the funny side is not always immediately back in view.

:: Christopher Hitchens, Why Women Aren’t Funny ::

we sure are good at making copies:

and looking good while doing it:

smurfette in lanvin!

who is her sugar daddy?  copying doesn’t pay that well.

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