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(via reuters, stevey cohen unplugged)
steven a cohen + 400 pages of transcribed testimony (full length here) –> reminders of how malleable english words and agreements can be, e.g. “insider,” “vague,” “material,” “edge,” “stevey” …

BOWE [fairfax lawyer]: Okay. So the compliance manual — you have authority, Stevey Cohen, to ignore the compliance manual?

KLOTZ [cohen/SAC lawyer]: Object to the form. And I particularly object to the obnoxious, deliberate use of “Stevey” in addressing Mr. Cohen.

BOWE: It wasn’t deliberate. It was a mistake.

KLOTZ: No, it was intentional.

BOWE: Knock it off. How do you know?

KLOTZ: Because I know.

BOWE: I know you’re trying to be a tough guy in front of your client, but why don’t you knock it off? I know you’re trying to be tough — defend your big client. I understand that. This was a mistake.

BOWE: I’m sorry I used the word “Stevey” if I offended you.

COHEN: “I’m not a big client.”

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