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dear beloved macbook

dear beloved macbook,

i love you. i mean, how could i not? you’re so pretty.

but why do you insist on keeping up your own keyboard language when everyone else speaks something simpler and more common? like using a “command” key instead of the universally acceptable and widely lauded “control”? i know you’re proud of your heritage of starting it all really, but face it. someone else took over shortcuts and made them better.

your whole set-up. it’s such a monet. so pretty from afar but up close it’s a big old mess. the command key is in an awkward spot, the F1-F12 keys can’t be accessed without hitting a “fn” key … yet with one keyboard stroke i can access a calculator, eject a CD/DVD, or skip an audio track. your priorities make no sense at all.

and some of your ‘shortcuts’ (or detours if you will) involve four keystrokes! who has that many fingers? okay i do, but still. maybe you are in some sort of mutual revolt or stubborn alliance with the american measurement system, as it resists the logic of the metric system?

so instead you make me use this parallels thing, run a window of windows which drains your battery like no other, all just so i can use excel shortcuts and load PDFs off of the chalk site without accidentally opening up photoshop. i mean, it’s fine and all. you’re worth it. but i sure hope you appreciate it.

you can pay me back by just sitting there, looking pretty, for longer than the average life of a PC.


reaching new lows

first, i’m blogging in class. macro, pudding [pronounced poo-ding by prof GL] or not, might be the death of me this quarter. but prof GL just woke me up with this gem: “i dont know why this [marginal product of labor] is abbreviated MPN … marginal product of naaaay-bor i guess.”

first point five, i’m an ungrateful, privileged grad student, paying $500 for this lecture and not with my attention. at least my socks match today.

second, here is a snapshot of you, my dear readers. at some point, we hit quadruple digits in views and since then, this pie chart has achieved steady state.

third, i officially love my mac. i hate it for everything excel, but small price to pay. i do want to write apple a letter though, on making shortcuts the same, not just within excel. shortcuts can’t be patented, right? they’re just messing with me?

fourth, i need an iphone.

macs are for lovers, netbooks are for fools

i’m typing on my dad’s netbook currently and i cannot believe any booth student gets away with using a netbook for anything other that three line emails. i can’t see shit on this tiny screen.

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