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how to spend time trying to save time

aka moving/packing lessons by MP:

i) for items placed in transparent bags, label them, even if you can identify immediately with a quick glance.

ii) for items placed in opaque boxes, use a deliberately vague label that invites you to pause mid-unpacking for a nostalgic break:

thanks, MP, KW, and DM for an hysterical inaugural TNBYODC!

in other news, i just awoke from my third or fourth mid-day nap of the week. i’ve lost track. i’m not sure if this is the lackadaisical life of a student or of someone with mono.

in other, other news, BG just tested crystal castle’s new soundsystem with this gem:

so i’d like to take this moment to remind you that hole’s live through this is one of the greatest albums ever.

rumors are that kurt wrote most of this album, and i kinda believe it.



strangers with candy

i overstayed my study room reservation, and the guy who has it next (now) is letting me just share the room with him!  and he just very considerately asked, “is it all right if i eat my lunch in here?”  thank you, kind stranger!

crystal castle inadvertently discovered how to create un-hackable accounts: one roommate creates the login and password, forgets the password, second roommate resets password, forgets login.  now each of us only knows one half of the formula.  well, now we know both, but for a moment, it was like getting into a safe deposit box, requiring your and the bank’s keys.

whoa whoa whoa

stop the presses. WANT.

“hey i just made this” — DK


not that anyone asked but

new girl talk, “all day”, visualized. credit: DH

my roommates express every thought you ever had about kanye west


you complete me

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