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Marcel the Shell is back!

And adorable as ever.




Marc Andreessen is a Conehead

Bloomberg really chose this as the featured image for its interview with VC legend Marc Andreessen? Was this done via photoshop to suggest his brain is so sharp? Does he have some kind of growth? Did he fall out of bed that morning and land on his head? Dropped as a baby? Is it Halloween every day over in that crazy fantasyland of Silicon Valley?

I couldn’t get past this crazy lead image in order to read the big reveal.

hate to be one of those font assholes, but…

BusinessWeek did a special profile on Apple CEO Tim Cook and generously let us in on their cover page decisionmaking. It’s a cool feature to include, clues the reader into how much work goes into a final magazine cover.

(via BusinessWeek’s Cover Trail: Tim Cook’s Apple)

So I really hate to be one of those font assholes, but really…what kind of final font selection results in this??

As LC put it, “is this a cupcake cookbook?”


Just. FYI.

WordPress reports, “Terms people used to find your site: ‘sluts and slums.'” Check plus, googlers, check plus.


we’re moving!

(again) to chicagonow (a tribune company)! and i didn’t even have to pay for the movers to break a lamp and take a smoke break 15 minutes into the job.

find LOLs here from now on.

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