my WWF championship belt

Fabolous and Big Boi are bigger Words With Friends fiends than Alec Baldwin! (highlights from their GQ interview below, via KN)

GQ: So when did you get into Words With Friends?

Big Boi: I started playing ’cause my wife was on it. Her and her friends, they were playing the game on the phone all the time. I was like, “What the fuck is this?” They said, “Just start playing, you’ll get into it.” So then we started playing for a $100 a game. When we started she’d kick my ass. She can’t beat me no more.

GQ: Do you have a default strategy?
Fabolous: I definitely play it defensively. When you first start playing you start playing with an offensive mindset, just trying to make words. And as you learn how to play, you get better. It becomes clear that you wanna play on defense, to let other people not get words, and not get the spaces that get you points.
Big Boi: I’m a little strategic but it’s different each game. It’s whatever strategy for me to get my championship belt.

GQ: When you get jammed up with bad letters, do you swap out letters?
Big Boi: I swap it out. I swap my shit out.
Fabolous: I swap it out sometimes. Sometimes. Depending on how close the score is, I might not swap out. I might just try to hold steady. But if you can’t make a word, definitely, swap out the letters.

GQ: Do you have a favorite word that you’ve played?
Big Boi: I think I played ‘zooms’ for like a 107.
Fabolous: If I get over a 100, I tweet the screen shot. But I had an issue where I did that before. I put it on Twitter because I’m thinking that I wanna shit on somebody and show the whole world what I did, but they seen my [WWF user name] and I got so many friend requests that it ended up freezing my account…

GQ: Do you think that the fact that you guys are rappers, and therefore are uniquely proficient in wordplay, makes you better at the game?
Big Boi: I think it’s true, but it’s not all of it. There are plenty of people I play that ain’t savvy rappers such as ourselves.
Fabolous: I really didn’t even know that this many people played. I can’t believe we even doing this interview.
Big Boi: I mean, the dude Alec Baldwin got kicked off the plane for playing Words With Friends. He wouldn’t turn off his phone!
Fabolous: [animatedly] That’s what dude did?! I heard he got kicked off the plane but I ain’t hear for what. That’s crazy.

Unprovoked, Fabolous starts rattling off a few suggestions for the game.
Fabolous: One thing they gotta fix is that if someone be taking days to make they move, you should be able to resign motherfuckers. Like, they be taking days to make a move.
Big Boi: Yeah.
Fabolous: And the other thing is that the kid in the studio, when we was playing in the board game, like, you can’t just be trying shit. Like, just plugging in words and letters. I think you should get like three, four tries and that’s it.

“It’s whatever strategy for me to get my championship belt.”
  1. hilarious.
  2. that might be my approach to life generally.
  3. i’d like “To be real life friends with Big Boi” for $500 please, alex.
also, parody of parody, part iv:

finally, grammarcopz!

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