chipmunks family christmas special

what happens when my family arrives so early to a movie that we can’t even be seated? i make my parents pose like the chipmunk model closest to them in both proximity and personality, photograph, photoshop, and then post their likenesses on the interweb.

EXHIBIT A: papa “bull with an untwisted vanity” pinto

aka "simon seville"

Simon is ‘the smart one’. In addition to having an IQ just north of Einstein, Simon possesses a very dry sense of humor as well as a keen wit. Alvin exploits Simon for his crazy schemes because he is smart enough to carry them out. In the end, Simon loves Alvin, although he secretly worries that they share the same gene pool. (via)

EXHIBIT B: mama “anchovies, not silverfish” pinto

aka "alvin" (& the chipmunks)

Alvin is the protagonist of Alvin and the Chipmunks. His enthusiasm is boundless and his despair bottomless. The term look before you leap does not usually apply to Alvin, who is impulsive, charming, musical, and full of animal magnetism. The character always seems to make up hare-brained schemes to get what his goal is at the time … Alvin seems to refer to his often illogical or crazy plans as ‘challenging the ordinary’. (via)

EXHIBIT C: i think that makes me …

… theodore?

… In fact, Theodore often holds the swing vote between [Alvin and Simon]s’ choices of action. Simon appeals to Theodore’s better nature while Alvin goes straight to bribery. He is constantly craving snacks and in one episode, tried to eat Alvin’s hand because of his hunger. (via)

EXHIBIT D: this scene basically happened when mama & papa pinto approached the chipmunks for the photo.

EXHIBIT E: merry christmas!

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