[blank] week ever

the worst: RIP vaclav havel and christopher hitchens. if i could revise my answer from earlier this week regarding, “who is your dream dinner guest?”, i’d change it from cameron crowe to vaclav havel. the guardian does a solid, worthwhile obituary.

and on a lighter note … some of the best of aspen (extreme)

aspen highlands

DM [upon arrival at the hotel]: so what do you guys want to do now? sit ups?

DM: i’m gonna go show the other girls [this revolutionary idea of wearing a tunic as a dress]. i bet they won’t even know what to do. they’re probably going to poop.

CD:’ bone bruise’? say ‘contusion’, sounds much more serious.

more serious that these shorts i had to wear to get that contusion diagnosed? impossible. so i failed to juxtapose a pen or something to emphasize the size below, but note what these shorts are sitting on. the medical bed. they cover more than the width of a medical bed.

measurements: approximately that of a one man tent. material: parcel-like.


One response to “[blank] week ever”

  1. Sandy Miguel says :

    Lol. Thanks for sharing this post. Check out a gay version of the “Shit Girls Say” video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWzJ88G5neI&feature=colike

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