girl walk // all day

girl walk // all day, or girl talk’s all day, dancified.

presented by the gothamist in installments (next one due friday):

installment #1

…“There’s something so dynamic and confident and fluid about her movement,” [director, Jacob Krupnick] said … “It has nothing in common with the pleasure of watching an amazing ballet dancer. It’s more like watching a chameleon on fast forward. She’s playing with her body movement the way a rapper might play with words.”

Krupnick and [dancer, Ann Marsen] both wanted to … make, as Krupnick put it, “something kind of gigantic.” They just didn’t know what that something might be. Then in mid-November, Girl Talk, the mash-up D.J., released his latest album, “All Day,” a stew of samples lifted from 373 songs and recombined into a chaotic, propulsive mix. As Krupnick listened to the album, it struck him that Girl Talk makes music the way Anne Marsen makes dance. “I started to hyperventilate a little bit, the way you do when you get excited about something that you really want to come true,” he told me.

A month later, Krupnick and Marsen were on the early-morning Staten Island Ferry, along with two other dancers and Krupnick’s wife, carrying boomboxes and cameras and ducking security guards, shooting guerrilla-style test footage for “Girl Walk//All Day,” which Krupnick describes as “an epic, 71-minute-long dance-music video” in which Marsen will dance her way through the entire Girl Talk album and up the island of Manhattan. By the end of the day’s shoot, they had eight solid minutes, which Krupnick cut together and tossed up on Vimeo as a kind of trailer for the full movie, to see if anyone noticed. The first day, 11 people watched. On Day 2, six did. Then… Gothamist posted the video, and an hour later it appeared on The Huffington Post home page.

It is no surprise that people go nuts for the trailer. It is weird and joyous, popping with youth and energy. At first, Marsen looks more like an enthusiastic and slightly dorky amateur than a trained dance pro. She wears regular tennis shoes and worn gray cords and an oversize, multicolored jacket, and at one point she falls off the railing of an escalator. It’s not until a minute or so in, as she twirls and gyrates through the ferry’s upper level, staring down the camera with a sly smile on her face as sleepy commuters pretend not to notice, that you start to suspect that you’re watching something more than a little magical.

:: via nytimes ::

installment #2

installment #3

NEXT eyeballin’. the new planking.


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