one hedge fund heat map by street of walls. clean, effective depiction.

NEW Position Heat Map:

During 3Q11, the top 23 hedge funds entered many new positions. The Heat Map below identifies the top NEW positions added during the quarter. NEW names were not previously held in 2Q11. Tickers in Red represent common or “crowded” positions.  The most crowded new ideas during the quarter were MMI, NLC, LBTYA, and NWS. Other new positions shared among hedge funds but with less overlap were HPQ, V, CVS, WFC, KCI, HCA, SNDK, and CTXS.  Full Report: 3Q HF Intelligence

two Little Housing Crisis on the Prairie (by Susan Schorn via mcsweeney’s). excellent satire.

– – – –

…“Here is where our house will be!” Pa said. Laura and Mary hurried to look. All around them stretched the prairie. For miles and miles, there was only grass and prairie hens and wild creatures

…“We’ll live like kings!” Pa exclaimed.

“Ingalls, you’re the brokerin’est fool that ever I did see!” Mr. Edwards told him, spitting into his mule’s ear.

Pa and Ma signed the papers.

Laura still didn’t understand. “But, Pa,” she asked again, “if we never pay off any of the principal, how will we build equity in the house?”

“Don’t worry, Laura,” Pa reassured her. “In a year, this house will be worth twice what we paid for it. And if we need cash before then I can always hew some equity out of an oak stump with my ax. Oak is good hard wood.”

Then Laura felt better. Pa could make anything with his ax.

:: click here for the rest ::

three PBS’ documentary on woody allen, all four hours on the creeper genius available online

four MGMT video for ‘all we ever wanted was everything’ with notes from the animator.


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