more like moneysack

the napsack, currently going for $130 pretax on appears to be a sleeping bag with armholes.

a day in the life of a blogger: unpredictable indoor conditions of too much reflective sunlight and cool kitchen breeze

bare feet. he must be a mountain man. mountain men wear napsacks.

missed opportunity: booklight attachable to hood. secondly, what is that mobile tented fireplace pictured?

i can make you one for $129.99 post tax, but i cannot guarantee the holes will ever close again, nor can i guarantee the entire sack will not gradually unravel with extensive use. deal?

below: adorbz.

in other news, instead of black-friday-shopping myself into a taser-induced state of numbness and overconsumption, i decided to change the layout of this blog. consider it ‘in progress’ for the next several months until i get around to learning html and java.


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