teenage dream(boats)

on a nostalgic kick lately (see this flickr’ed delia*s catalog from 1999!!!!), i polled some friends on tv crushes of our youth and was so hugely entertained by the responses. thanks, friends, for the trip down memory lane that resulted in my not reading my compstrat case (picture my name card down) because i couldn’t stop youtubing entire episodes of my so-called life and freaks & geeks.

#1 all-time: jordan catalano from my so-called life.

so dreamy…yet. dumb. as. rocks.

also what does it mean that i would wear all of these items below (except the t-shirt)? that i’m stuck in the 90s? old news.

#2 pacey witter from dawson’s creek

pacey ranks high largely because — just like below — he stands in manly contrast to the off-the-scale sissiness of dawson. pacey was the guy who got in trouble with the school, yet knew how to build and or fix anything with metal.  dawson, on the other hand, was a “writer” whose best demonstrable skill was his ability to curl his bangs without even brushing his giant forehead with the curling iron.

yes, i was in the mighty ducks.

this meme always makes me laugh

#3 seth cohen from the OC

so nerdy and hilarious! i only watched the show for him.

#4 zack morris from saved by the bell

20 years later, still dreamy.

try here if that embedded video fails.

#5 uncle jesse from full house

  • at his dream(boat)iest after stephanie cut his hair … i searched on youtube for “uncle jesse hair” and learned that there is a band called uncle jesse’s hair.
  • isn’t it strange that everyone in the tanner family calls kimmy gibbler “kimmy gibbler” despite that she’s basically a part of the family?
  • michelle tanner past age five is the most annoying kid character in history.

— runners-up —

  • trent lane from daria (would have ranked in the top five if he were in 3D)
  • mike seaver from growing pains
  • pinsky from salute your shorts
  • brandon walsh from 90210
  • charles from charles in charge
  • cody from step by step
  • greg brady from the brady bunch
  • kevin arnold from the wonder years

— notable comments on the tween heartthrob thread —

  • I’d still hit Stamos.
  • mike seaver from growing pains! (is that totally unacceptable?)
  • and definitely not larry or balky from perfect strangers, but does
    anyone remember that??
  • Embarrassingly enough, I was quite keen on Balky
  • i nominate sabrina’s boyfriend from sabrina the teenage witch, but i am too embarrassed to reply-all with that submission..
  • David the Gnome???
  • Maybe unacceptable, but I also had a soft spot for Brian Krakow on MSCL
  • I kind of enjoyed The Hoff’s son on Baywatch. Yes, I did sometimes watch Baywatch.
  • I was thinking SANDY Cohen from the OC.  I love Peter Gallagher and his huge eyebrows.
  • You may need to use a poll for A.C. Slater vs. Zach Morris.  I’m undecided.

done. my vote is 200% for zack.


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