sunday always seems to move so slow

my favorite season is finally here! boots, pie, foliage, burnt orange, pumpkin patches, brown, apples, warm cider on cool, crisp, blustery days …

"windy city" -- taken by DM, somewhere in chicago saturday. i wonder what else is up there.

a good day to think about… how you value your pinky. yes, still on this. JH (during a lecture that cost $500+ to attend) opines:

I’m calling BS on the values people state re pinkies.

[Technique from statistical value of life]

Say Booth announced last year that shop class is mandatory for 2nd years. Unfortunately, someone lost a pinky last year (one out of 572). Because of the danger involved, Booth is making specialized carbon fiber pinky guards available for a cost of $________ (student loans are available). How much do you pay for the pinky guard?

At a value of $10 million, you would buy the guard if the price is $17,000.  My belief is that most people would only buy the pinky guard if it was less than, say, $500.

Thus I believe the Booth student values his/her pinky at a maximum of $300,000. Alternatively, $10 million might be $300K for pinky and $9.7MM for having to explain that you sold your pinky…

ps – note that there is an interesting flaw in this logic (that also applies to statistical value of life) that is left as an exercise for the reader.

seeing as how i didn’t even know there was a statistical value of life:

  1. i’m swayed by this new learning and the fantasy that we could have shop class at booth. i didn’t know what shop class was until i watched the breakfast club which also taught me about flare guns and lobotomies, and then when i actually had shop class in middle school, i learned that “solder” of “soldering iron” fame is pronounced “sodder”, and then i was so stunned that i soldered my shop partner’s pointer finger by accident (hi, BH!! my LED blinker got an A and is still working — your something-degree burn was worth it! to me). so many lessons.
  2. i need you, reader, to find the logic flaw in JH’s clip above.

separately, (hometown pride) thurston moore and kim gordon of sonic youth broke up after 27 years. let’s commiserate for a moment over the loss of brilliance such as this timely tune:

but really, i think everything is going to be okay — they lasted twenty seven years. “That’s two decades and a second grader! That’s two and a half Biebers!” (dlisted). much more importantly (because recall the focus of this blog — all me, all the time) that makes my age “two decades and a third grader,” which translates loosely to old enough to have spawned a third grader (plus a fraction of a bieber).


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