i need answers

to very important questions.

DM: things are not going well with interviews
me: no?  how come? you mean [for case prep]?
DM: for [interview] invites.
DM: i wish someone would pay me to cut off my pinky
me: hahaha. J’s pinky is only $75K!
DM: he’s nuts
me: that’s like less than a year of booth tuition
DM: he should demand way more
DM: i would cut off just the part above the top knuckle for a guarantee i’d come out of school debt free
me: i think it’s because he lived in crunchy seattle. material things like pinky and cash mean less
DM: it’s true. he’d probably do it for a joint. maybe two

DM [later]: i just typed the last sentences without using my right pinky once. I use my left pinky for “a” and “shift” and “q” but that letter is useless
me: true. but it slows down my ctrl c ctrl v action. i guess i could use my other pinky for ctrl.
DM: oh my – i wasn’t even considering excel shortcuts.

so what’s the takeaway from all of this?

  • in this job market, i wish i had as many spare pinkies as kidneys. hey wait.
  • for an engaged booth couple, the rational thing to do is to monetize the female’s pinky right before marriage, before it loses $3 million in market cap in, like, a day.
  • i think women think men think pinkies are pivotal to being marriage-material.
  • meanwhile men think all women’s pinkies are overvalued.
  • this “self-reported” data gathering method is so inefficient, inconclusive…yet so addicting. clearly, i am stuck on this like my pinky is stuck to my hand (for now).

failure – stuck on you.


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