very important questions, part II

me: next question. at what price would you let someone remove your pinky? painless, no transplant, left or right
LC: um. i cant wear gloves anymore.
LC: nor can i be a lady when i drink my tea

me:  hahaha true. well you could hide one hand. so what price?
me: i am in the millions. less than ten, but but not sure how much
LC:  yeah definitely millions. i think more than ten.
LC: think about this. we’re still young. this is for a lifetime
LC: there are no prosthetic pinkies. we’d be a freak. we cant hide one hand forever
me:  the simpsons seem to be doing fine
LC:  hahaha
me:  you shake w/ one hand.
me: do all things with one normal hand
LC:  it’s not the impaired function. it’s the lifetime of explaining
LC:  “yeah i sold my pinky”
me:  hahahahaha



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