very important questions

only slightly less important than what C.R.E.A.M. stands for.

is it “bottom up” investing or “bottoms up” investing? “bottom up” is the only option that makes any sense (i mean, the alternative involves a “tops down” pairing, which sounds insane), but bizarrely i continue to spot “bottoms up fundamental research” in job descriptions.

KW: As far as I know, bottom up is about investing and bottoms up is about beer. Depending on the job, they both may have a place in your cover letter.

hmmm. how about this:

Dear FirmX,

I think your bottom-up investing style may jive with the top-down convertible I picture myself driving in three to five years post-MBA. Hire me.

Bottoms up,


in other news, two unbelievable things happened at the CCQ: i) cops came ii) we shushed them away… !! can we all just marvel at that?

finally, andy samberg as mark zuckerberg:

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