what the font: a confession

i kind of like calibri. microsoft office tricked me into an introduction in 2007, by intrusively setting it as a default in ms word. i confess i did not slap away this sans serif upstart and run back into the arms of my serif’ed first love, times new roman. and after serving me well all these years when i was too lazy to resist, calibri has grown on me.

i don’t know what happened. it just all happened so fast. i worry that i haven’t seen all of calibri’s sides, and i worry that i deviate too much from my core font beliefs. i’m being vague but i think i can trust you. i worry that with a few too many drinks, calibri will start looking and acting like its warped cousin, comic sans.

and i worry that i’ll like it. 

anyway, enough of this. i’m gonna go get trashed with papyrus.



One response to “what the font: a confession”

  1. Shang says :

    I feel you. calibri at first looked weird but started growing on me

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