the homestretch


made infinitely more palatable by MW’s cinnamon twists delivery service and hello kitty perching.

KW: Why aren’t you [back in Chicago] yet?!? I’m so bored.…

me: seriously, why am i still working? Umm also I have an accounting question.

[i subsequently email a huge long accounting question on how sales are booked vs bad debt expense, bad debt provisions, calculating free cash flow, working capital adjustments, and omg nerd alert]

KW [the next day]: wow, i had too much wine last night to even read that entire question.  so, what’s the answer? I can’t believe you are still working.  My week has been all about getting ready for school.  This has included taking long bike rides, ignoring the “Math for Economists” book that I need to study for fixed income, getting my hair cut and eyebrows waxed.  God I love MBA school.


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