power on

San Diego Skyline Blackout ComparisonHigh Res

so cool! click the image for the high res version

September 8th, 2011 – A power outage occured across all of San Diego county, including much of downtown San Diego. Backup generators are responsible for the power used to illuminate all of the lights in the image taken during the blackout (bottom). The top image was taken from the same location on Harbor Island several months ago.

in other news, i have to put together my first day of school outfit soon, and it has to be perfect so that i can make new friends based on appearance alone. for guidance on what the kids like these days, the interwebz brought me this gem. like mr t’s cash4gold video, i’d like to select my favorite quotes from the video below and save you some time, but i can’t. i’d end up transcribing the entire thing and i’m too busy drawing tattoos onto myself with a sharpie.

joey ramone is rolling in his grave. and also drawing tattoos on himself because punk is for everyone, not just little girls.



One response to “power on”

  1. Katie Kisluk says :

    Speaking of making friends based soley on appearance – the 10yr reunion sort of sucked. It was the some old people and same old crap…with the addition of alcohol. That was probably the best part – seeing vapid bitches look sloppy!

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