C.R.E.A.M. part III

all of san diego county, TJ to the OC, lost power yesterday! the biggest blackout in SDG&E history, evidently. an estimated five million people out of luck. so apparently a mid-afternoon blackout during a “heat wave” means: early dismissal from work, hanging out in the nearby hotel bar to wait out obscene traffic because all of san diego bolted from work at once, a ton of fender benders on the roads, a ton of cars on the side of the road, outta gas because of the gridlock…

…getting absurdly precise updates from our waitress who learned via false rumor that “the power will be back on in 17 hours” and later, “the power will be on at 7pm”, getting slightly more legitimate updates from SDG&E via twitter (amazing, btw! go socialmedia), block parties and BBQs in the ‘hood, disabled groceries airports and gas stations, witnessing a man pry open the doors to a grocery store, getting in a massive line at a darkened subway still dutifully serving customers only to hear “we have THIRTEEN sandwiches left”, moving on to the italian restaurant next door, where we obtained turkey burgers for:

me: how much are these?

owner: uhh let’s say…ten each?

me: oh i —

owner: how much ya got?

[proceeds to rifle through the cash in my hand and count]


owner: $16? okay.

good thing i didn’t pull out a bigger bill. C.R.E.A.M. yo. that said, it was the most delicious turkey burger i’ve ever had in my life.

the most remarkable thing was probably the fact that no one knew what to do with no electricity or entertainment. what did people do back in the day? read books by candlelight? pen correspondence with a quill pen? crochet?

and this just in: “the entire incident was caused by one person’s mistake.” — nice, chicago tribune. make that one person feel bad about it. it had to be a fault of design or an electric failure as well. aren’t there deliberate breakers along the grid to prevent a systemwide shutdown?

also just in: i knew i couldn’t be the only one whose ears bleed with the mere thought of the black eyed peas’ “my humps”. jeff tweedy brings the poetic badness to a more worthy life than it deserves via spoken word.

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