look for me in the police blotter! part II

big news in del mar! i got pulled over tonight for not having my tail lights on while “it’s pretty dark right now…”  my excuse?

“i thought my lights were on! i don’t know how to operate this thing. it’s a rental [with roll down windows].”

no ticket! not even a moving violation citation. this is the bigger news, the most remarkable, given:

  • i did not have a copy of my car insurance (!).
  • my drivers license still has my san diego address, which caused confusion re: why i was renting a car, where i live, if it is cold in chicago (huh?), why i still have a california license if i live in chicago.
  • my rental has nevada plates, which was nothing of consequence except that i bet he thought i was some tax-savvy rancho santa fe’er, familiar with partial residency for tax purposes laws but driving rules notsomuch. but what rancho resident would be driving a car with roll down windows?
  • i got bit by the only mosquito in san diego while my window was rolled down for the duration of this moving violation discussion.
  • the interaction ended with his, “any questions for me?” in the same tone as if in the last five minutes of a job interview. i imagine my eyes went dead at that point, because flashbacks took over.

but it’s true. i really thought my lights were on, because my owned car’s lights turn on automatically. apparently it’s all DIY with this mockery: roll down windows, turning on and off my own lights, manual locks … and i really struggled with the windshield wipers the other day. what is this? fred flintstone’s car?

despite being pulled over twice in the span of two months, you should know this is not the common rate. i have only been pulled over twice before, though both for speeding:

  • this one on the big drive from san diego to chicago last year and
  • circa 1998 right after getting my license, caught “speeding” at 40 in a 30 zone on that huge empty road where every other car was going far faster than i was. i’m quite certain the cop was pulling me over to find out if the rumors were true (that my ’85 aries station wagon had power windows).


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