the 4-door sedan diaries

so this four-year old has bad parents. she’s still a better driver than most. see her checking her blind spot?

i question whether she’s four or two though, as she babbles but does not form words. maybe the driving skills take away from other development? even more disturbing. i also question whether that’s a normal car, one with steering and brakes on the passenger side, or a fred flintstone car, powered and controlled by her parents’ pounding step.

and about that …


  • aggressive driving (socal): weaving. i used to hate when i saw other drivers do it due to the palpitations i suffered while watching, but i admit i occasionally do it too. anything to end the drive faster, even if only by two minutes, even if it means offending or scaring other drivers.
  • achieved average speed: ~80-85mph.

highway idiosyncracies (new)

  • socal: empty carpool lanes
  • chicago: left lane exits
  • omaha: open windows, sub-limit speeds, weaving — within the same lane.

driving song (new)

  • socal: red hot chili peppers – under the bridge. i’m calling this the socal driving song because of the shout-out to LA, but it’s universally appropriate. turn it up!
  • chicago: kanye west – flashing lights
  • omaha: as if you didn’t know.

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