rebel yell

UCLA student Chris Jeon bought a one-way ticket to Cairo two weeks ago, telling his parents he was going on a tame little vaycay. Then — like a man on a motherfucking mission — Jeon made his way to the heart of foreign unrest: He’s currently in a town called An Nawfaliyah, on the road to Tripoli.

Apparently the UC Regents budget-cut walkouts weren’t cutting it for Jeon, on the rebellion meter: “It is the end of my summer vacation, so I thought it would be cool to join the rebels,” he told an Australian reporter from The National, clearly floored to find an Asian-American dude in an L.A. basketball jersey out in the middle of the desert…

“How do you fire this thing?” he asked on Wednesday as a bearded rebel handed him an AK-47. Locating the trigger of the assault rifle and switching off the safety, Mr Jeon fired it in the air in two short bursts.

“I want to fight in Sirte!” he proclaimed, using hand gestures and pointing west towards Sirte.

Whether the rebels understood him was far from clear. “It’s hard to communicate. I don’t really speak any Arabic,” he said.

Oh, and here’s the reason Jeon didn’t buy a return ticket (though he does still plan to graduate in May, being the shruggishly optimistic dude he is): “If I get captured or something, I don’t want to waste another $800.”

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forget all serious commentary on the implied price-to-book of an $800 one-way ticket to death, on the restless generation, on why gen y can’t stop won’t stop fabricating causes and cares, on the pure crazytown that is this kid. instead let’s focus on what he is wearing (fashion over function till i die):

yeah what.

just Look at this Fucking Hoopster. i suppose it ventilates well, but boy does he stick out like bright blue hoopster on an otherwise khaki horizon.


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