pop culture

first, the video below is hysterical. aziz ansari lost a bet with roommates re: who could create the worst mixtape ever, and the loser had to walk around blasting it on a boombox. except i kind of like that sixpence none the richer song.

what would make my list, you ask? a few i think you know well (tentative list, feel free to add suggestions):

  • len – steal my sunshine,
  • black eyed peas – my humps,
  • blink 182 – all the small things,
  • sarah mclachlan – adia

second, madeon’s pop culture mashup was one of two songs that i looped more than 100x over the summer. at the time, i couldn’t quite pinpoint what made it so loopable, but after seeing this awesome dance tribute to it, all of my life suddenly makes so much sense.

and again, just because:



2 responses to “pop culture”

  1. Matt says :

    The Tubes – She’s A Beauty
    Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting – All For Love
    Snow – Informer
    And pretty much any song by Journey or Bon Jovi.

    • pintotowncar says :

      haha i like those nominations, exceeeeeept….i maybe appreciate journey and JBJ a bit more now after my summer of living in their stronghold, the real midwest.

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