attn: O!NE drivers

this just in: driving in the rain is the same as driving on a clear day. just turn on your windshield wipers. i know those giant, pretty drops are distracting you from your routine of plowing along freeway at 45mph in the leftmost lane, periodically tapping the brakes when there is nothing in front of you, one arm hanging out of your MPG-slaying open windows, riding the right lane line as if you don’t believe the lane is wide enough for your defiantly american-made vee-hick-cle. however, extreme conditions like a gentle drizzle call for drastic measures.

i can already picture you swerving, braking, and swerving again trying to find and flip the wiper switch, but it’s really no different than flipping from the local journey radio station to the other local journey station, i promise. a quick scan and an even quicker tap/twist. you got this.

i) great song and ii) i like that cover. i don’t say that often.

separately, i wish i had bess levin’s job. can someone hook me up?

be quiet and equity analyze, you say? ohhh fine.

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