summer’s cauldron

oh there’s a heat wave? YAWWWWN.

i know that map is in celsius which basically means the US is on fire*, but that cool blue and temperatures in the 30s actually looks like sweet relief. consider these poor roasted folks:

In our Heat wave news roundup yesterday we linked to a WBEZ story about employees at the Park Hyatt who had heat lamps turned on over them as they were picketing during a one-day strike. Hyatt apologized this morning for that dick move, saying in a statement that the decision to turn on the heat lamps at 7 a.m. (with the mercury at 83 degrees and rising) was the decision of a Hyatt manager and was “clearly a decision that was not in line with our values or with our corporate policies.”

:: via the chicagoist ::

don’t worry, relief is on its way (via do312):

* can someone remind me again why we still aren’t on the metric system? what happened to the big pending switchover to metric that my fifth grade math teacher told me was coming and that if i didn’t jump on the train, i’d miss it and be left behind, unemployable, wearing a dunce cap, facing a corner, crying, pants around my ankles?

2 responses to “summer’s cauldron”

  1. LoomisBooks says :

    The metric system people are having a convention with the people who want to get rid of pennies. This year they are meeting in Omaha.

  2. pintotowncar says :

    ha! i will be attending then. i’d like to be president of the local chapter of both organizations.

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