judge me

lc: can you find that world map picture again? i tried to search for “[pintotowncar] map” in my gmail archives, and all i found was our discussion on midwestern geography, and “the map in my head”

me: the one with “sluts and slums” for brazil?

lc: hahahahaha yes that’s the one. i seem to remember all of africa being stamped with just “AIDS,” but maybe that is wishful thinking on my part

me: i just searched “sluts and slums” in my gmail and found it


i) judged by you: that gmail search yielded more than one result in my inbox. it wasn’t in quotes, okay?

ii) judged by me: the topic of discussion (click it to zoom) is the greatest world stereotype map ever created. world stereotype maps are so 2010, and frankly most efforts falter in some regions of the world, especially where borders blur in the cartographer’s mind or where borders are being redrawn regularly.  in those spots, mapmakers offer up weaksauce like “yo quiero taco bell” for mexico or “mexico” for all of central america, or “mail order brides” for eastern europe. okay i just made those up and i kind of want to see them on a map. where did i put my smencils?

UPDATE (via MW): more maps! scroll through and just watch how iceland shifts, trying to diversify from its primary GDP contributor, bjork.

iii) judged by your recreational drug of choice: so i live in the heartland of “jesus and meth”.  fact.

iv) judged by your clothes:

DK: it was strongly hinted to me today not to wear untucked polo shirts to work
me: hhahahahaa!
DK: tucked, button-down shirts for me from now on
me: did someone tuck your shirt in for you
DK: no one would stoop to such a level
me: haha i’m dying to know how they hinted to you
me: did they drive you by a crowd of untucked shirted people saying, “ugh, how crass, those PLEBS”, “polos flapping in the wind”
DK: so uncouth

v) literally judged by your clothes:

DH: I just bought jeans and that are “honey booty” fit. I think they’re telling me my butt is getting too big

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