postscript to ‘an open letter’

Dear Little Cooling Machine That Could,

When I found you in my sublet room closet, Suncourt Equalizer Register Booster, I judged you. I saw your faded, formerly white, now ecru complexion, your ambitious control dial (how can you both “heat” and “cool” when your plug is smaller than that of my cell phone charger <—– how I gauge power) without the chops to back it up (you don’t weigh enough), and brushed your ballsy boasts aside. I thought you were some defunct single-watt box has-been that might power on but only achieve 40% of your promise.

However, out of desperation today, I plugged you in.  I turned you on (literally), and you rocked my blazing hot, burning world (figuratively).

You…work…! You do what the box says you will. Why am I so surprised? I’m sorry for doubting you, for judging you so wrong. I know it’s presumptuous of me, apologizing now, assuming you’ll accept and everything will be all better. Even if it’s not, well, I feel better.  And as you know, this is all still about me. But really, know that you have changed my life forever, and I am telling the world. Hello, world!



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