no, he’s from nebraska

cannot be the only adult without kids who wants to see winnie the pooh.  he’s so loveable! esp in seconds 1-4*:

*pooh has obviously taken lessons from the bacon kid.

CL: we can borrow a kid [to fit in at the theatre]
CL: there are enough kids to go around in omaha.
CL: B has 3 kids. and he’s 25.
me: !!!!! he has kids?? … mormon?
CL: no he’s from nebraska

the review: it was defiantly 2d, muted watercolor flow and feel, simple, sharp, and sincere, altogether delightful. every frame is a picture postcard. and why hello again, john cleese and zooey deschanel (side note: it’s possible that i want zooey’s life).

and eeyore, after [facetious SPOILER ALERT] they all fall into the pit: “we’re all gonna die.”  amazing comedic timing, and he doesn’t even know it. check . . . plus.

completely separately, john cleese on screenwriting:

Actors, of course, want to come in and make more of an artistic contribution, and I think sometimes one needs to tell some actors “Your part is basically interpretive, rather than creative, and there is a difference.” Some actors, I think, want to feel that they are as creative as the writer. And the answer is, frankly, they’re not. (via the onion AV club)


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