so it was written

in my head, i have decided google+ will fail, but this is without having even tried. i am afraid of joining and giving google the remaining three puzzles pieces that comprise 100% of me. additionally, i like to consider myself skilled at judging books by their cover.

however i am willing to be proven wrong. can someone (anyone?) explain to me why i would want to make the jump, given my incredibly high switching costs of time wasted on google+ instead of on facebook?


6 responses to “so it was written”

  1. pintotowncar says :

    this answered basically everything i was wondering! amazing — thank you. so, um, it sounds kind of cool.

  2. Lauren says :

    do you like how i answer all your questions with nytimes links?

  3. pintotowncar says :

    haha yes. you answer with authority!

  4. johnny says :

    so you can waste your time on both fb and g+?

    • pintotowncar says :

      inevitably that will be true. i’m holding off until i must in acknowledgement of that sad truth. does your berkeley email still work??

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