camp dweeb

not to be confused with dweeb central or nerd camp: level IV.

For the past 12 days, 541 CFA charter-holders have been holed up in a Charlottesville, Va. high school, grading almost 23,000 completed CFA exams. The group works for two weeks, roughly seven hours a day — no more, no less, in order to finish on time and still remain sharp. In off hours, they play golf, sip wine at nearby vineyards, tour Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate and belt out bad pop songs at an annual karaoke night. They are paid a few hundred dollars a day and plied with a steady supply of food, coffee and alcohol.

“It has some aspects of summer camp,”said Tom Robinson, managing director of education at the CFA Institute, the Charlottesville-based nonprofit that administers the test.

“It’s an amazing group,” Biernat said. “And it’s very easy to get to know people. At the end of the day, you’ve gotten through 200 to 250 exams and you’re cross-eyed, so it’s just good camaraderie.” [emphasis mine]

Last week, after a long day of reading exams, the team of volunteers gathered at a big barn in rural Virginia for a barbeque and country music concert.

“I played horseshoes with a very small Chinese woman who had never played horseshoes before,” Biernat said. “It was her [sic] and a German man — quite the cultural mix.”

:: wet, hot CFA summer

not unlike farts and “germany or florida?”, unicorn jokes are always funny (thanks, MW!) …

ah, letterpress. so crisp, fresh and so clean, clean.



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