cash money

i just got paid for the first time in eleven months.  i think that means it’s time to buy, buy, buy!

normally i would extract my favorite quotes and post them for you here, but i would end up just transcribing the entire five minutes, and he talks kinda fast. instead, i will just point out how awesome his pants are. and how fitting for this upcoming weekend.

can you imagine a talk show with him, gary busey, and charlie sheen?  just think about it. seriously, who do i need to see to make that happen?

in other news:

  • theknotdotcom changed its ticker from KNOT to XOXO. why? if XOXO were a person, i’d call that a bad career move, possibly the equivalent of getting a tramp stamp. instead, i’ll call it a bad marketing strategy.  check… minus.
  • uchicago is beginning to resemble a roll-up with its excess cash and acquisitions. i see the accretive EPS from gains in brand and customer relationships, but what’s the ROIC?
  • i can buy most things in this cash $ millionaires cribs clip with all its pockets of alternately luxury and crazy … except for one thing: only one arm through the jersey sleeve.  why?


2 responses to “cash money”

  1. Kate says :

    I pitty the fool who can’t get his gold chain outta layaway within 3 months…

  2. Kate says :

    Also, When you bangin’ a ho and the po come in and bust up on you, you only have time for one sleeve… or something.

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