the haul

from the New Asian Supermarket.  not very creative with naming here, apparently, but hey, it saves some guessing.

dried squid, anchovies, and cuttlefish flavored chips.  what do these three items have in common, apart from making your stomach turn at the thought?

answer: the ultimate flavor enhancer, MSG. YUM.

and speaking of flavor…i’m always amused when i hear this kind of exchange at restaurants:

inquisitive patron: how’s the turkey burger here?

waitress: really good.  really, really flavorful.

better than flavorless, i suppose? it’s like calling someone you just met “nice.”  it’s filler material, for fear of being caught without an opinion, the short version of what they’re really thinking:

waitress: we have a turkey burger?  huh. well, i imagine it’s mediocre.  completely unmemorable, certainly not the item i would have picked out on this menu, but… like a powerball lottery bet, it could surprise on the upside.  more importantly, however, where short term investment risks include my gratuity, i can promise it will not surprise on the downside.

how’s that? the inquisitive patron would ask.

waitress: it’s just really. really, extremely flavorful. flavor, like, bursting at the seams, exploding in your mouth

formerly inquisitive patron: that sounds disgusting.  i’ll have a garden salad, thanks.



One response to “the haul”

  1. Kate says :

    HAHAHA Who orders the turkey burger anyway? It’s the same no matter where you go…frozen patty of bland nastiness. Why would anyone even need to ask how it is? It’s like asking going to a Mexican place and asking “How’s the brown bean paste? Pasty?”

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