cupcake shark: jumped.

i can get barnes & noble selling accessories in addition to books & nooks. smencils, moleskines, book lights (barely recognizable in-store, by the way, when not packaged as a ‘free’ gift with the purchase of giant pelt of felt with sleeves), a model rocket kit with a dash of dynamite powder … right, right, B&N.

make money any way you can (demand for core business shifts left, supply of random shifts right).  but … who decided cupcakes deserve an entire aisle/section in a bookstore?

and in other cupcake news… a colossal cupcake challenge:

Actually I’ve never done dessert-related eating contests. That’s just f-cking gross. Who wants instant diabetes? Like once a year I’ll have like three Magnolia cupcakes and spend the rest of the day trying to find a way to knock myself unconscious to sleep it off. That challenge is kind of a disgrace … Let me distill my opinion this way. If you die in a bacon eating contest, you die a hero. People will sing songs about you around campfires for decades into the future. If you die eating an oversized cupcake? Well, really, that’s just mother nature’s way of thinning the herd.

and finally…

first — let’s just get this out of the way — this kid’s head is huge. suddenly i crave a candy apple [ <— tm MR]. and his bangs are bangin’, better than mine.

second, that is a chick shirt.  and an aZn chick shirt, no less.  why stuff this nice little boy into that baby tee?

third … actually… i bet paris hilton owns this.


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