my MBA glass is half full

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Welcome to the Systu-grp-events mailing list!

omg i am a second-year!  omg, the mailing list ‘bot used that exclamation point on its own!  it is as excited as i am!  that i can haze!

and by haze i mean in precisely one year, i will guilt first-years into forwarding “for sale” emails to their class listserv for stuff that they all have already, after a year of living in chicago.  hmm…this reeks of a moneymakingcurve opportunity… maybe i should start a secondary market, by buying off graduating, liquidating second-years and selling to incoming first-years.  everyone wins!

“buy low, sell high”?  i should make t-shirts of this, the punchline of every single portfolio manager’s speech on booth’s investment management treks and at conferences.  the back could read: “i went to bschool and all i came away with was the obvious.”

there.  i just saved you 170K in mba tuition and expenses, before opportunity costs.

can you pay me back by buying my “excellent condition, only two years of use, buyer must pick-up but i can’t help with dis-assembly because it is from IKEA and hence it was intended to be disposed not disassembled but i need every dollar i can get right now because i haven’t been paid in 22 months and i blew all my cash savings on cabs back from TNDC… and furthermore the instructions for dis-assembly are completely incomprehensible and impossible especially since i completed assembly with these seven extra screws and bolts that i keep in a plastic bag along with four hex screws acquired over the last eight years that do not fit that mess of screws and bolts just in case i sneeze too hard one day and everything collapses” furniture next year?  hey, thx!


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2 responses to “my MBA glass is half full”

  1. Dan D says :

    Thanks Connie for the insight. Yes the second years trying to unload their crap is supremely annoying. ANNOYING.


  2. pintotowncar says :

    yes! but the grad gowns are the most amusing. i) why do we have to purchase them? in undergrad we “borrowed” for the ceremony and promptly returned them to the school, and ii) it comes emblazoned with 2011 tassels and labels? i think i will pass, thanks.

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