smiles for everyone

i am one of those people who brushes her teeth in the office bathroom after lunch.  i learned why i must from dear receptionist II of all receptionists of my old firm, known for epic quotes such as, “i had 13 cats… i know all about fleas” and “my arm is longer than yours.” more notably, she used to work in a dentist’s office.  today, i brought my new toothbrush to my new work.

they aren’t paying me to say this, but know that this toothbrush stands up on its very own suction cup stand.  there will be no sharing of this gem.  see how hello kitty smiles?  that is how i smile after brushing.

actually, that be a straight up lie, yo.  hello kitty doesn’t smile; she has no mouth.  pick your jaw back up — it’s true.  hello kitty smiles for no one.


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