it’s evolution, baby

51 miss america* usa candidates opine on whether evolution should be taught in schools:

follow-up question: do you know what evolution is?

“you should be knowledged about it” aside… why is this “such a tough one”?  the only possibility is that the panel of judges just wanted a laugh.  at the expense of others.  which, incidentally, i learned in school not to do.  but …

surprise!  i’m still laughing.

*revised: miss usa is not miss america! miss usa = miss america – scholarships + d. trump involvement + more laughs at and not with.

UPDATE:  comments on this via email, because let’s face it.  this video is amazing.

CER: That video blew my mind!!!!!!!! Just, wow. There really are no words except I love Miss Nevada – let’s redefine evolution, let’s talk about communities evolving instead of people… She should go to business school or run for president.

CR: I’m actually going through the video and counting how many don’t believe in evolution. I had to stop to laugh for a few minutes at Miss Iowa, who “took evolution in college” and thinks “it should be available as an elective.” I’ll update you on the final count – so far, it’s 8/15.

CR [later]: My unofficial count yields a frightening total of 34/51 who believe at least that creationism should be taught alongside evolution. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM? I was proud that Miss Connecticut was completely straightforward and was like, “Absolutely, it should be taught.”

DK: You guys, the jury is still out on science. I don’t know why you aren’t more knowledged about this.




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