just a taste, okay?

okay i cannot be alone in occasionally eyeing pet food for its potential fit in the Snack Drawer.  see exhibits below, clearly a mockery of human food packaging.

“soft savory center”?  what dog cares about that?  mmmm i sure do.  and below, see these freshly baked treats at wheatfield’s…

whom are they tempting with that huge platter impossibly far out of any dog’s view or reach?  admit it… you want some, too.

and fresh pet select (thanks, LC/JN!): whom are you targeting?  please tell me blind humans who want peas n’ carrots, because this just looks gross:

it’s “cubed” meat, so cube-able you could make a small army of rubix cubes out of them. imagine reading “chicken, diced and cubed”  in a recipe, thinking, “i know just the thing!”, and then reaching for the pet food drawer in the fridge.

so easy, right?  so simple.

i just want a taste, okay?  don’t worry, i’ll save you some.

JN: don’t try to shame me into feeding my dog dry food

LC: did i tell you how MM wants to eat dog food too?  but WET dog food. “it looks so juicy”
me: i’d try it.  it looks gross. but i’d microwave it (in ceramic)
LC: radiate that shit!
LC: “juicy”

LC:  …
me: haha yes. juicy is not what i’d call it
me: damp lump of meat that needs to heated and reshaped? into a hamburger

MM [later]: the canned ones! and they smell tasty too.

JZ: i ate dog biscuits once. some woman was selling organic homemade dog treats on the new york state thruway
LC: so you drove up to get one for yourself?
JZ: uh. i was on my way to a wedding
JZ: yeah, you know, you’ve been talking about dog food a whole lot. i’m not sure what’s serious and what’s a joke with you anymore



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