germy desk, happy tummy

full time work means the return of the Snack Drawer.  historically, mine has contained a full variety of things, depending on (obsessive) tastes at the time: tubers, ramen, miso soup mix, beef jerky, pretzels, oatmeal, microwaveable quinoa, hot cocoa mix, and apples.

if i had had a snack drawer during finals: popchips, babybel cheese (and a handful of lactase pills).

today’s drawer: bananas, beef jerky, and goldfish.  i bought sweet potatoes at hyvee, but i’m still too new to the turf here — nuking a tuber during work hours is still too quirky to fly, methinks.  ask me again at week ten.

and it turns out men do have snack drawers!   they stock boring food, but it is food: protein shakes, canned soup, kashi go lean cereal.

right now, however, i crave…

cinnamon twists, duh!


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One response to “germy desk, happy tummy”

  1. Kate says :

    My snackdrawer contains s’more flavored powerbars, rainbow goldfish,
    and pirate’s booty.

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