an asian market called … Asian Market

i found an asian market today!  it was called “Asian Market.”  i have seen now ten aZns, including this guy, who made me feel very much at home:

shipped all the way from the motherland??  impressive. i was grinning ear to ear, tossing it into my basket, along with dried squid, msg in powder form, canned bamboo shoots, and a very well-sealed red bean bun.  not thinking anything of its intense wrapping, i later took a bite, spit it out because it was crunchy, and then read the wrapping.  product past its sell by date, fine, whatever, but more notably: shipped from diamond bakery in socal… i.e. there is no local aZn bakery.

le sigh.

making up for it though: copious amounts of journey and aerosmith on the radio here.



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