space for driving

Inspect your car before driving to [O, NE  <— credit: CB, patent pending].
Driving at 65 miles/hr and let other cars pull away, then you can have more space for relaxing, constant-speed driving.



so slow down so everyone else speeds by and i will be gifted with space for relaxing.  deep thoughts in this, the second installment of papa pinto’s “how to be a hero in fast times” series.  part I (written to my sister) may be found here.  i don’t know if deliberately falling behind will win the game of life, but i bet maverick and goose would approve.  remember when that maverick maverick “hit the brakes” in the air and that bogey went whizzing by?

clearly he is recalling this costly incident, which … oh no! do i have to drive through oklahoma again?  i have to google now because my mental map of the midwest is a mutable cloud of the states that i think reside there.


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