summer is here

and it is hot. hazy, hot, and humid are my three least favorite words. well, not true, but close.

i am on campus today trying to crank out two final papers, and what do i see? undergrad ho’s wearing cute sundresses and no bras. enjoy it while it lasts, kids. the working world, which universally blasts the most frigid A/C imaginable, will soon shame you into wearing a bra.

UPDATE (courtesy of LC): “[another grad student]: ‘Dear girl wearing short sundress at table in front of me: Okay so it is our first real summery day outside. That still doesn’t mean it is socially appropriate to bend over your table and give the entire library a full upskirt view. =(‘”

ummm, these undergrad chicks could use some finishing school.

UPDATE II: see below.

in twitterhashtagtalk: #sadbuttrue

also amusing is the ivory tower academic born before 1950 on a hot day look: metal-rimmed glasses, a “scientist shirt” (short-sleeved dress shirt — thanks, CFG!), khaki shorts that end precisely at the knee, dress socks all the way up, and loafers.

spotted: (3) north american supernerd(s), wearing ID around neck on a lanyard. what is this? CTY?



2 responses to “summer is here”

  1. lc says :

    godown.jpg hahahhaha

  2. pintotowncar says :

    haha i bet a certain simplified fan would 'like' that on fb

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