really don’t think the food at gleacher is that bad. slim pickings, yes, but it’s no worse than most school coffee shops. and they have hot foods available.

ex-libris and hallowed grounds serve exactly the same fare (local vendors like ragin cajun and foodism), but hallowed grounds has board games and pool tables. ex-libris is also staffed by youngsters whose political opinions, conveyed in the two minutes it took me to pay for my prepared orzo salad, are are louder than their brains should let them be.

so, so far, the rankings:

i) south campus dining commons, barlett dining hall
ii) hutchinson dining hall, kovler
iii) divinity school cafe, gleacher cafe
iii) ex-libris, hallowed grounds
iv) law school cafe, the opening bell (harper)
v) booth vending machines
vi) regenstein vending machine (no credit cards)

i try not to microwave my food in any kind of plastic container, even if it says microwave-safe, yet i walk fearlessly through airport x-ray machines instead of getting a patdown. that means i breakeven? i also sometimes like to eat the charred part of grilled foods, even though it is known to be carcinogenic. okay, i am probably slightly loss-making.

TB (test is positive) found the answer to our country’s problems.

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