big little

i am constantly in search of good headphones. i lose them like it’s my job and have an unreasonable fear of blowing my hearing out with earbuds, in particular. however, i recently found a good solution. The Logitech Loud Enough earbuds, featured here:

i was so impressed with them that i decided to just now google their specs/features and found this: “Rugged, noise-isolating earphones with kid-sized ear cushions that are just right for little ears.”

i have little ears? definitely better having than big ears, but what would my girl scouts troop leader from 1992 say? she, who called me “elephant ears” during a camping trip, when my allergic reaction to mosquito bites swelled my ears up to 10x their normal size. though my big little ears are still scarred by that teasing, my best memory of that trip actually came through them: a troop sing-along to phil collins’ “one more night”…


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