human too

until the ‘bots convince me otherwise. i like when my professors write back from their gmail, after i’ve written to their booth email. omg, after this exchange, am i going to show up on his gchat list? i wonder what his chat icon is.

visited mansuetto briefly this morning. conclusion: it is best for reading books. surprised that a library is good for that? i was. i tried to do work there on my laptop, but there was actually too much sunlight. all i saw on my screen was my own reflection. gross.

so i had to move myself into the old, dark, and dirty regenstein:

i get stuff done here. which is also a surprise, what with these seriously ugly undergrads milling around, pumping inhalers, citing allergies, and talking nerd.

i’ve tuned them out with a revisit to k.west/MDTF. as if you needed a reminder, this album is effing amazing.


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