the new black

numero cinco

someone in class is presenting now, just said, “lack of power,” and the lights went out. awesome.

the CRC just told me i will have no capitalIQ over the summer! how will i live??

hutchinson commons
does not sell Connie’s Pizza, but i had some Other Pizza that was interesting because the main crust part (covered with cheese) was tissue paper thin, while the edge crust (the grip) was thick and braided. i enjoyed it. so hutchinson is basically a long, narrow food court of local and national franchises (southern tsunami, some ribs place which serves pulled pork!, the wok (aZn stir fry), subway, bene pizza, and saffron (this looked the most yum, but perhaps too heavy for one who struggles to stay awake during afternoon classes). really i wanted real aZn noodle soups, but where can i find that in chicago?

week nine of marketing strategy and i learn this now and not from my professor: marketing is the face of a firm’s competitive strategy. thanks, MR!



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