what if…

…i use a diaper bag as a bookbag? waterproof, pockets for a water bottle, too many pockets generally, and the right size for a macbook. there is probably even a diaper changing pad that will pad that macbook just perfectly.

since i arrived in chicago, a few people have told me i am sooooo west coast, and i take that as an insult for the most part. maybe it means i am laid back, but it also means i’m chronically late, perma-tanned, self-absorbed, and a vigilant recycler.  i am definitely too pale to fit that stereotype, and more egregiously, i handicap recycling efforts at school, having three times now accidentally dropped my granny smith apple core into recycling bin in classrooms.

so i’m also revisiting east coast lingo now. like, say, ‘bookbag’ instead of ‘backpack’ and ‘sneakers’ instead of ‘tennis shoes’. oh yeah, referring to exits by their numbers instead of the street name, like ‘exit 8’ instead of ‘newtown road’. any others?

also, this made me laugh (thanks, MW!):

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