reaching new lows

first, i’m blogging in class. macro, pudding [pronounced poo-ding by prof GL] or not, might be the death of me this quarter. but prof GL just woke me up with this gem: “i dont know why this [marginal product of labor] is abbreviated MPN … marginal product of naaaay-bor i guess.”

first point five, i’m an ungrateful, privileged grad student, paying $500 for this lecture and not with my attention. at least my socks match today.

second, here is a snapshot of you, my dear readers. at some point, we hit quadruple digits in views and since then, this pie chart has achieved steady state.

third, i officially love my mac. i hate it for everything excel, but small price to pay. i do want to write apple a letter though, on making shortcuts the same, not just within excel. shortcuts can’t be patented, right? they’re just messing with me?

fourth, i need an iphone.

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