waste not, want not

The Harper Center would like to announce the installation of three filling stations designed specifically for personal water bottles.

The stations are located next to the existing drinking fountains which is the same source of water for the bottles.

Additional features of the new system include a digital liquid counter system that measures the plastic water bottle equivalent that need not be recycled or wind up in landfills. The second feature is a dedicated filter that adds to the purity and cleanliness of the water.

the same water source as the existing water fountains? so the difference between the fountain and the filling station is that i don’t have to tip my bottle diagonally to catch the arc of water from the fountain, because i can keep my bottle upright at the filling station?

a dedicated filter helps, because i question that source of water. the second floor fountains produce opaque water. and as MTE noted, it is somewhat disturbing when using the water fountain, and you hear a toilet flush nearby and the stream of water at the fountain is disrupted.



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