so nice out today!

my car’s outside temperature read 63 degrees. sun shining. people literally in shorts. all these facebook updates of people going for a run along the lake. kids playing frisbee on the quad. walking through the quad today, i had the exact same feeling of terror that routinely struck a decade ago, when i saw a frisbee coming directly for my face. it made me run too.

i really dislike blowing my nose in public. like i want to take a shower afterwards typically. why would anyone need to see me do that? however, during an exam, i cannot run out to the bathroom every 20 minutes, or the prof will think something is awry.

during my exam this morning, the professor wrote on the white board, “NO CHEATING!!! If you are wearing a baseball cap, turn it so that the brim is in the back.” really?!! wow.

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